How to Delete a Comment in Excel (or Delete ALL Comments)

Comments in Excel are great when you’re working with multiple people and need to tag a few cells with some important notes.

And with comments, you can have multiple people adding comments and it will show their names with each comment to make sure you know who has added that note in a cell.

But what if you get a workbook and you want to delete a comment (or all comments or all comments by a specific person)?

In this Excel tutorial, I will show you how to quickly delete comments in Excel.

So let’s get started!

Delete Comments in Excel

This one pretty straight forward.

Suppose you have a dataset as shown below and you want to quickly delete the comment in cell C3.

Below are the steps to delete a comment in an Excel cell:

  1. Right-click on the cell
  2. Click on ‘Delete Note’ (or ‘Delete Comment’ if you’re not using Office 365)

Right Click and then delete note to delete a comment

That’s it!

This will delete the comment in that specific cell.

Note: In Office 365, Excel now has comments and notes as two separate features. In Office-365, a comment is a new feature that can be used to create threads of conversation. And note now refers to the traditional comment that exists in earlier versions of Excel. In this tutorial, I am using Office 365, so comments are somewhere shown as notes in snapshots.

Delete All Comments (In the Entire Sheet or Selection)

In case you want to delete all comments from the entire sheets or a specific selection, you need to first make the selection and then follow the same steps (as shown above) to delete all the comments.

To delete all the comments in the entire sheet:

  1. Select all the cells in the worksheet (by clicking on the gray triangle at the top-left of the Excel window)
  2. Click the Home tabClick the Home tab
  3. In the Editing group, click on ClearClick on the Clear option in the ribbon
  4. Click on ‘Clear Comments and Notes’Click on Clear Commnents and Notes

In case you want to delete all comments from a specific selection of range, first make the selection and follow the below steps:

  1. Right-click on any cell in the selection
  2. Click on ‘Delete Note’ (or ‘Delete Comment’ if you’re not using Office 365)

Delete All Comments from All Sheets

This one is a bit tricky.

If you only have a few worksheets, you can manually go to each sheet, select all the cells and delete all the comments,

But in case you have a lot of sheets, doing this manually can take a lot of time.

So, the better way of doing this could be by using a simple VBA code.

Don’t worry, it’s really simple and I will show you the exact steps to get this done.

Below is the VBA code which will go through each sheet and delete all the comments in it:

For each ws in Worksheets: ws.cells.ClearComments: Next ws

The above VBA code uses the For Each Next loop that goes through all the sheets one by one and deletes all the comments in it.

Below are the steps to use this VBA macro code in Excel:

  1. Open the workbook from where you want to delete comments from all sheets
  2. Right-click on any tab
  3. Click on View Code. This will open the VB Editor windowRight click on tab and then click in View code
  4. If you don’t already see the immediate window, click on the View option in the menu and then click on ‘Immediate Window’Click on View and the click on Immediate Window
  5. Copy the above code in the immediate windowCopy paste the code in the immediate window
  6. Place the cursor at the end of the linePlace the cursor at the end of the line
  7. Hit the Enter key

The above steps would instantly run the code and remove comments from all the sheets.

In case you want to delete comments from specific sheets only, you will have to create a code that allows you to go through those sheets only and not all the sheets.

[BONUS] Adding the Delete Comment button in the Quick Access Toolbar

Another time-saving tip when you have to delete comments quite often is to add the delete comment icon in the quick access toolbar.

This way, you can simply make the selection and click the button on the QAT to remove the comments from the selection (which is always visible when working with Excel).

Below are the steps to add the Delete Comments icon in the Quick Access Toolbar:

  1. Click on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar icon.Click on the More Commands icon
  2. Click on More CommandsClick on More Commands
  3. In the ‘Excel Options’ dialog box that opens, click on the ‘Choose Commands from’ drop-down and then click on ‘All Commands’Click on All Commands in the drop down
  4. Scroll down and select the ‘Delete Comment’ optionClick on Delete Comments
  5. Click on the Add buttonClick on the Add Button
  6. Click OK

The above steps would add the Delete Comment button in the Quick Access Toolbar.

Click on the More Commands icon

Now. when you have to remove comments from a specific cell/range or the entire worksheet, simply make the selection and click on this icon.

So these some of the methods you can use to delete comments in Excel.

Hope you found this tutorial useful.

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