How to Insert Registered Trademark Symbol in Excel?

The registered trademark symbol (®) is super common to see on all kinds of products and branding.

Any time a company has officially registered the trademark for their brand name or logo, they’ll slap that little ® next to it. It’s their way of saying “Hey, this is our registered trademark, don’t even think about copying it!”

It is a legal symbol that indicates that the trademark has been registered with the relevant national trademark office, providing exclusive rights for its use.

In this article, I will show you some simple ways to insert a Registered Trademark symbol in Excel.

Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Registered Trademark Symbol in Excel

Below are the keyboard shortcuts to insert the Registered Trademark symbol in Excel:

On Windows in Excel:

ALT + 0174
  1. Ensure your Num Lock is on.
  2. Hold down the Alt key.
  3. Type 0174 on your numeric keypad.
  4. Release the Alt key for you to insert the registered trademark symbol.

On Mac in Excel:

Option + R
  1. Hold down the Option key.
  2. Press R.
  3. Release both keys to insert the registered trademark symbol.

Manually Typing the Registered Trademark Symbol in Excel

Another fast and easy way to insert the registered trademark symbol in a cell in Excel is to manually enter it.

To make this work, enter the below text manually in any cell in Excel. Once you enter the below text in a cell, then press the spacebar key or hit the enter key, it will automatically convert it into the registered trademark symbol


This is not case-sensitive, so even if you enter ™, it should still work.

Inserting Registered Trademark using the Symbol Dialog Box

To insert the Registered Trademark symbol in Excel using the Symbol Dialog Box, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the cell where you want to insert the symbol.
  2. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon.
Click the insert button
  1. Click on Symbol in the Symbols group.
Click on the symbols icon in the ribbon
  1. In the Symbol dialog box, click on the Special Characters tab
Select the special character tab in the symbol dialog box
  1. Look for the registered trademark symbol (®).
Select Registered Trademark symbol in dialog box
  1. Double-click on the symbol or click the Insert button.

The above steps would insert the registered trademark symbol in the cell that we selected in step 1.

Inserting Registered Trademark Symbol using Formula

You can also use the below formula to get the registered trademark symbol in a cell in Excel.

CHAR function to get registered trademark

This could be useful if you want to combine the registered trademark symbol with the values in other cells. For example, if I have a company name in cell A1 then I can use the bill of formula to get the trademark symbol name after the company name.


Copy and Paste the Registered Trademark Symbol into Excel

Then, there is always the tried-and-tested method of copying the trademark registered symbol from any other document such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint or any web page such as this one.

Below is the registered trademark symbol that you can copy and paste in a cell in Excel


Below is a table that summarizes all the methods to insert the Registered Trademark symbol in Excel:

Name of SymbolRegistered Trademark Symbol
Symbol Text®
Shortcut for WindowsAlt + 0174
Shortcut for MacOption + R
Inserting using Symbol Dialog BoxFind ® in the Symbol dialog box
Inserting using Formula=CHAR(174)

Difference Between Registered Trademark ® and Trademark ™ Symbols

The Registered Trademark (®) and Trademark (™) symbols have specific and distinct meanings, especially in the context of intellectual property laws:

Registered Trademark (®):

  • This symbol is used to indicate that a mark is a registered trademark with the relevant national trademark office (like the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the U.S.).
  • It signifies that the trademark has gone through the formal registration process and has been approved.
  • The use of the ® symbol is legally restricted to trademarks that are officially registered. Unauthorized use can result in legal penalties.
  • Registered trademarks offer greater legal protections, such as the presumption of the owner’s exclusive right to use the trademark nationwide in connection with the goods/services listed in the registration.

Trademark (™):

  • This symbol can be used with any mark that a company or individual is using as a trademark, regardless of whether it has been registered.
  • It serves as an informal claim of ownership over a particular mark but does not necessarily mean the mark is officially registered or legally protected under trademark law.
  • The ™ symbol is often used for marks that are pending registration or for those used in a common law context where formal registration has not been pursued.
  • Using the ™ symbol can still offer some legal benefits, such as establishing a public record of the use of the trademark, but these protections are generally weaker than those for registered trademarks.

In summary, the ® symbol indicates a trademark that has been officially registered and thus enjoys full legal protections, while the ™ symbol is used for trademarks that are not registered or are pending registration, offering more limited legal protection.

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