Insert Hyperlink in Excel (Shortcut)

Hyperlinks are a great way to give the user an option to click on a cell and go to the linked cell, range, web page, folder, or e-mail.

Adding hyperlinks in Excel is a quick and easy way to make your spreadsheet data more interactive. By linking to other cells, sheets, or even external files and websites, you can give your users a more seamless experience when viewing your data

When you add a hyperlink to a cell, that cell becomes clickable and the content of that cell is shown in blue color with an underline (indicating that a hyperlink has been added to that cell).

In this tutorial, I will give you the keyboard shortcut to insert hyperlinks in Excel.

Shortcut to Insert Hyperlink in Excel

Below is the keyboard shortcut to insert hyperlinks in Excel.

Control + K

How to Use the Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Hyperlinks in Excel

Below are the steps to use the above keyboard shortcut:

  1. Select the cell in which you want to insert the hyperlink
  2. Hold the control key
  3. With the control key already pressed, press the K key. This will open the insert hyperlink dialog box
  1. In the dialog box, you can enter the web address or e-mail address for which you want to create the hyperlink, or if you want to link to a range of cells or a file, or a folder, you can select that option as well

Important Information about Adding Hyperlinks in Excel

  • When you create a hyperlink by using the email address option, you need to enter an e-mail address for which the hyperlink would be created. once created, and when you click on the cell, it is going to open the default e-mail client with that e-mail address as the address to send the email
  • Once you click on a hyperlink, excel changes the color of that hyperlink from blue to purple, which indicates that it has already been clicked in the past
  • When you insert a hyperlink in a cell, only the contents of the cell becomes clickable (and not the entire set)
  • Excel allows you to specify the text you want to show when the user hovers the cursor over the hyperlinked text. To specify this, you need to click on the screen tip button in the ‘Insert Hyperlink’ dialog box
  • Many times when you copy content from a web page and paste it into Excel, it would automatically show you the same hyperlinks that were there on the web page in Excel also
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Alternate Way to Open the Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box

Here are some other methods (apart from the keyboard shortcut) that you can use to insert a hyperlink in Excel:

  1. Select the cells or the range of cells in which you want to insert the hyperlink, right-click on the selection, and then click on the Link option
Insert Link in ribbon
  1. Select the cells in which you want to insert the hyperlink, click on the Insert tab, and then click on the Link option
Right click and Link

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