How to Insert Diameter Symbol in Excel?

The Diameter symbol (⌀) is commonly used in engineering, mathematics, and science to denote the diameter of a circle or a circular object.

It’s a straightforward yet essential symbol in technical fields, particularly in mechanical design and drafting.

It is also called the ‘O with stroke’ symbol or ‘Slashed O’ symbol, as it looks as if there is an O that is slashed by a line.

In this article, I will show you some simple ways to insert the Diameter symbol in Excel

Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Diameter Symbol in Excel

Below are the keyboard shortcuts to insert the Diameter symbol in Excel:

ALT + 0216

Below are the steps to use this shortcut to get the diameter symbol in the cell:

  1. Ensure the Num Lock is On in your keyboard.
  2. Hold the Alt key (and keep holding it).
  3. Type 0216 on the numeric keypad (one after the other).
  4. Release the Alt key to insert the diameter symbol.

When you use this shortcut once, it will insert one diameter symbol in the cell. If you want multiple of those, you can use the shortcut multiple times (or use it to insert once and then copy-paste it).

Note: You can also use this shortcut in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint as well as in MS Outlook

Inserting Diameter using the Symbol Dialog Box

To insert the Diameter symbol in Excel using the Symbol Dialog Box, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the cell where you want to insert the symbol.
  2. Navigate to the Insert tab on the ribbon.
Click the insert button
  1. Click on Symbol in the Symbols group.
Click on the symbols icon in the ribbon
  1. In the Symbol dialog box, look for the diameter symbol (⌀). You will have to scroll a bit.
  1. Select the symbol, click Insert, and then close the Symbol dialog box.
Select the diameter symbol and click the Insert button

Clicking the Insert button is going to insert one diameter symbol in the selected cell. If you want more than one simple, you can click the insert button multiple times.

Inserting Diameter Symbol using Formula

You can use the below formula to insert the Diameter symbol in a cell in Excel:

Formula to insert the diameter symbol in Excel

Note: This formula also works in Google Sheets to get the diameter symbol

Copy and Paste the Diameter Symbol into Excel

One of the easiest ways is to simply copy the diameter symbol from an external source, such as this web page or any other document, and then paste it into the cell in Excel.

Below, I have provided the diameter symbol that you can copy:


Below is a table that summarizes all the methods to insert the Diameter symbol in Excel:

Name of SymbolDiameter Symbol
Symbol Text
Shortcut for WindowsALT + 0216
Shortcut for MacNot available; use Symbol Dialog Box
Inserting using Symbol Dialog BoxFind ⌀ in Symbol dialog box and click on Insert
Inserting using Formula=CHAR(216)

In this article, I have covered methods you can use to insert the diameter symbol in Excel. You can use a simple keyboard shortcut, a formula, or the regular Symbol dialog box to get the symbol in a cell in Excel.

I have also provided the diameter symbol in multiple places in this article in case you wish to simply copy it from here.

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