How to Turn Off Error Sound in Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a widely used software for data management and data analysis.

While working in Microsoft Excel, everyone encounters errors. By default, Excel plays a sound to warn the user about the error.

Playing sound each time on error is quite beneficial for some users, especially beginners, because it helps them identify the error.

But on the other hand, some people find it quite annoying and distracting, especially experienced ones.

If you are also unhappy with this error sound and looking for a solution to turn this off. Don’t worry; it’s not that difficult.

This tutorial will provide you with a detailed guide on how to turn off error sound in Excel

Turn Off Error Sound Using Excel Options Menu

Turning off error sounds is a very easy and straightforward process.

You can do this by disabling the feedback option available in the Excel Accessibility options.

The below-mentioned steps will guide you through the complete process of turning off the Error sound.

  1. Click on the File tab in the Excel ribbon
Click the file tab
  1. From the File menu, select Options. This will open the Excel Options dialog box. 

Note: The Options menu is available at the bottom-left of the screen, as shown below 

Click on Options
  1. In the Excel Options dialog box, select the Accessibility option from the left-side menu. 
Click on the Accessibility option
  1. In the Feeback options, uncheck Provide feedback with sound option sound.
Uncheck provide feedback with sound option
  1. Click OK
Click OK

This will turn off the error sound in Excel. Now Excel will not play annoying sounds on error.

Note: The method only works in the latest version of Excel. If you are working with the previous versions of Excel, you can’t find the Accessibility option. However, you can find the “Provide feedback with sound option sound” in the Advance menu, wherever in some versions, this option is available in the Ease of Access menu. 

In this tutorial, I showed you all the steps required to turn off the Error sound in Excel.

By following all of the steps mentioned in the article, you can effectively turn off the error sound in both the latest and older version of Microsoft Excel and get rid of distracting error sound. 

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