Transpose in Excel (Shortcuts)

There is often a need to transpose data in Excel, where you may want to convert rows to columns and columns to rows.

While there are multiple ways to do this in Excel, using a keyboard shortcut is one of the fastest ways to transpose data in Excel.

In this tutorial, I will give you the keyboard shortcut to transpose data in Excel.

Shortcut to Transpose in Excel

Below is the keyboard shortcut to Transpose in Excel (the recommended shortcut):

ALT + H + V + T

Apart from the above keyboard shortcut, you can also use the below one to transpose data in Excel:

ALT + E + S + E + Enter

How to Use the Shortcut to Transpose in Excel

Below are the steps to use the above keyboard shortcut:

  1. Select the entire data set that you want to transpose
  2. Copy the data (you can use Control + C to copy this, or right-click and click on Copy)
Copy the data
  1. Select the destination cell where you want to paste this transposed data
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut ALT + H + V + T (press these keys one after the other)
Data Transposed using shortcut

Important Things to Know About Transpose in Excel:

  • The above keyboard shortcut would copy and then paste the transposed data along with all the values, formatting, as well as formulas
  • In case the copied cells have formulas, the reference would be adjusted accordingly when they are pasted as transposed data

Some Other Important Transpose Shortcuts in Excel

While the transpose data keyboard shortcut mentioned above would copy and paste everything from the copied cells, here are some other keyboard shortcuts that you can use that allow you to selectively copy and then transpose the copied cells:

Shortcut to Transpose Values Only

ALT + E + S + V + E + Enter

Shortcut to Transpose Formats Only

ALT + E + S + T + E + Enter

Shortcut to Transpose Formulas Only

ALT + E + S + F + E + Enter

All these move keyboard shortcuts work by opening the paste special dialog box, and then select the correct paste option as well as the transpose option, and then paste it.

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