How to Rearrange Rows In Excel

While working in Microsoft Excel, you may have a need to rearrange rows in order to show the data the right way.

In this tutorial, I will show you some easy ways to quickly rearrange rows in Excel. These would also include some amazing shortcuts that you may not know already.

For demonstration purposes, I am going to use sample data of sales done by various representatives across different regions. The data is shown below.

Dataset where rows needs to be rearranged

In the above data set let’s say we want to move row 10 (highlighted with light orange color) above row 7 (highlighted with light green color) so let’s see how we can achieve this using different methods.

Method 1: Move the Row using Shift Key and Mouse

According to my opinion, this is the best and fast way of moving a couple of rows in Excel. With this method, you can quickly rearrange rows. 

Let’s do it step by step.

  1. Select the row that you want to move. In the example, I am going to select row 10 
Select the row you want to move
  1. Now press and hold the SHIFT key from the keyboard
Hold the shift key on your keyboard
  1. While holding the SHIFT key, bring the cursor to the top edge of the selected row as shown below.
bring the cursor to the top edge of the selected row
  1. While still holding the SHIFT key, move the row by dragging it with the mouse below the row where you want to place it as shown below.
Move the row
  1. Leave the mouse key and this will move the row to the desired location. Once done, you can let go of the SHIFT key

In this example, I have shown you how to move one row, but this method would work just as well for multiple adjacent rows.

So you can select a group of rows and move them all together. However, this method would only work for contiguous rows. It won’t work for non-contiguous rows.

Note: While I have shown you how to rearrange rows using this method, you can also use this to arrange columns as well.

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Method 2: Using the Cut Copy Method

Another quick way to rearrange rows in Excel is to cut the row (or multiple rows) that you want to move and then paste them to the destination.

  1. Select the row that you want to move. In this case, I am going to select row 10.
Select the row you want to move
  1. Now cut the selected row by right-clicking anywhere on the row and then selecting the ‘Cut’ option (or use the keyboard shortcut Control + X in Windows and Command + X in Mac)
Cut the row
  1. Now select the row above which you want to move the row that you cut
Select the row above which you want to move the cut row
  1. Click on the ‘Home’ tab in the ribbon
Click the home tab
  1. Click on the Insert Option
Click on insert
  1. From the dropdown select the option Insert Cut Cells
Click on insert cut cell
  1. This will quickly move row 10 to row 7 position 
final result

Tip: Using this method you can both insert or replace the rows in Excel. In the above example, I showed you how to insert the row, however, if you want to replace the row with the cut row, use CTRL + V instead of the ‘Insert Cells’ option in step 6.

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Method 3: Insert Row and Cut/Copy Method

This is the simplest way of rearranging the row in Excel (but not the fastest).

In this method, we insert a blank row at the desired location and simply cut/copy and paste the required row to the desired location.

Below are the steps to do this:

  1. Select the row above which you want to insert a blank row. For instance, I am going to select row 7
Select the row
  1. Right-click anywhere on the selected area and click on insert
Click on insert
  1. A pop-up window opens. Choose the option Entire row
Insert entire row
  1. Click Ok and this will insert a blank row in the desired location as shown in the screenshot. 
blank row has been inserted
  1. Now select the row that you want to Move
select the row you want to rearrange
  1. Cut the row by pressing CTRL + X on the keyboard. This will highlight the selection with a dotted border.
Cut the row
  1. Paste the row to the desired location by pressing CTRL + V from the keyboard as shown below.
Paste the row
  1.  Now select the empty row.
Select the empty row
  1.  Right-click anywhere on the selection and click on Delete.
Delete the row
  1. A pop-up window will appear from where you need to select the ‘Entire row’ option.
Click on Entire row
  1. This deletes the selected row and moves the rest of the rows up. The final result can be seen in the screenshot
Final result

If you are a beginner with Microsoft Excel and you are looking for the simplest way to move rows in Excel, you can use this method, but for moving rows quickly, use Method 1 or 2.

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Method 4:  Rearrange Rows using Sorting 

Imagine a situation where you have to rearrange lots of rows based on some sorting criteria.

For instance, sorting the rows based on the region column in your dataset.

In that case, it would be quite tedious and time-consuming to manually rearrange all the rows. So, let’s do it step by step using sorting.

  1. First of all, select the data that you want to rearrange along with the headings.
Select the dataset
  1. Now click on the Data tab in the ribbon.
Click on Data
  1. In the Data tab click on the Sort option.
Click on Sort
  1. A dialog box gets open showing the sorting options
Sort dialog box
  1. As we want to sort our data according to Region, so in the ‘Sort by’ dropdown, select Region. Similarly, select Sort On Cells Values and Order  A to Z . Hit okay
Select the sort options
  1. Doing so will sort all the rows according to the region as shown in the screenshot.
rows rearranged

In this example, I rearrange rows by using a simple sorting mechanism, where data is sorted based on the region column.

Similarly, you can sort based on any other column like item, Units, etc. This is the quick method of rearranging multiple rows in a single move.

In this article, we discussed various methods of rearranging rows in Excel.

Each of the methods could be used depending on the nature of the task but I would suggest you employ method 1 if you want to move a couple of rows.

Similarly for rearranging multiple rows based on some sorting criteria use Method 4.

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